Is there a fall tryout?

Depends. Fall tryouts are decided on a year by year basis depending on the needs of the program. Ideally, all squad members are selected in the spring and attend UCA Camp together in August.

 Is it mandatory to attend UCA Cheer Camp?


 Is tumbling required?

No. Tumbling is highly encouraged, but not required.

 How many points is tumbling worth?

Depends on the skill. However, tumbling skills are extra points, and not included in the base score.

 What are the requirements for trying out?

Please visit the Tryout Page for eligibility requirements.

 Do you have to attend a prep clinic in order to tryout?

No. However, clinics are highly recommended to receive early evaluation, tryout tips, and get a feel for the team and program.

 Will tattoos have to be covered if on the team?


 Can I tryout if I have little to no experience?

Yes. We are a well-rounded team that cheers, dances, stunts and tumbles. We will evaluate candidates for natural talent.

 How many people will make it?

Varies. The number of candidates selected depends on the talent pool and the needs of the team in a given year.

 What stunts will we perform at tryouts?

Candidates will perform a stunt of their choosing.

 Do you have to be admitted to UCSD to tryout?

Yes. However, candidates who are wait-listed for admission will be conditionally selected pending acceptance to the University for that academic year.

 Do I need to tryout again if I’m a returning member?

Yes. Team members must audition each year and are not guaranteed a spot on the team. Application fees are waived for veteran members.

 Do I need to have a physical completed by a physician to tryout?

No. You do not need a completed physical for tryouts. You do need a completed medical form. If selected, a physical will be required prior to UCA Camp in August.

 Are auditions open to the public?

No, auditions are closed to the general public including parents and guardians.

 Can I audition via video?

Yes. Video auditions are available for spring tryouts. Visit our Video Submission page for more information.

 What does the time commitment look like?

Please see our Program Expectations page for the time commitment.

 Do the cheerleaders have time for jobs?

Yes. Many of our team members have jobs, internships and other obligations. However, cheer is priority.

 Is the cheerleading program a student org?

No. UC San Diego cheerleading  is an auxiliary program under the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

 Does the program compete?

No. The program is currently game-day only. We do not participate in cheer competitions. However, the program plans to do so in the future.

 Is the team co-ed?

Yes. The number of male and female cheerleaders vary from year to year.  Male team members participate in stunt, tumbling, promotions and crowd leading. They have modified practice and appearance schedules.

 How much does it cost to participate?

The team fundraises as much as possible to sustain the perks of our program. New member dues are $400. UC San Diego provides cheer uniforms, warm ups and other related expenses at no cost to you. In addition, complimentary attendance at UCA College Cheer Camp is provided to all veteran team members. Please do not let cost discourage you from trying out. We will work with you on a payment plan if necessary.

 Are scholarships available?

No. Cheer specific scholarships are not currently offered. For available general University scholarships visit fas.ucsd.edu